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A broad range of new make products all housed in high-quality French oak casks.

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Ex-Brandy Cask 225L

‘WCC-1’ — £6,397

This cask of 225l was used for producing brandy and originates from the region around Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, on the Atlantic coast of Spain. Spain is well known for brandy and is the world’s largest producer.

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Ex-Sauvignon Blanc Cask 225L

‘WCC-2’ — £5,997

A cask previously housing 2014–15 vintage Sauvignon Blanc produced by Château Margaux winery, this cask imparts grassy notes, and is highly aromatic, fresh and yet showing power and volume.

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Ex-Bordeaux Cask 225L

‘WCC-3’ — £6,397

A cask previously housing a 2015 vintage Bordeaux wine from the French winery Château Ausone, located in the Saint-Émilion vineyard. The Vauthier family has been taking care of the vineyard with unwavering passion since 1690. Alain Vauthier is regarded as one of France’s most respected winegrowers.

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Ex-Pinot Noir Cask 225L

‘WCC-4’ — £6,397

A cask previously housing a 2017 vintage Pino Noir from the historic area Burgundy. This wine-making area has famous vineyards and is the origin of high-quality vintages.

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Limousin Forest Mid-Grain Cask 225L

‘Allfather’ — £7,197

New make spirit housed in a mid-grain cask from the Limousin Forest. Limousin is Cognac’s favourite forest, and these casks lend themselves to faster ageing.

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Tronçais Forest Fine-Grain Cask 225L

‘Asgard’ — £7,497

New make spirit housed in a fine-grain cask from the Tronçais Forest. Casks from the Tronçais Forest provide amazing flavours, best achieved by slow ageing.

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