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30th September 2019

Whisky Cask Company Announces Exclusivity Agreement in Light of Chairman’s Plans to Build a Speyside Distillery

Due to unprecedented interest in their whisky cask filling programme, The Whisky Cask Company’s Founder & Chairman, Alexander Johnson, is planning to build a distillery in the Speyside region of Scotland.

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27th September 2019

Why investing in whisky is a great idea

Some whiskies are extremely rare and therefore collectable. With low rates​, this makes them a sound investment as their value will only increase.

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18th September 2019

Can we tempt you for a little tipple? Why it’s worth investing in whisky today

“The Whisky Show” in London is set to be attended by a record number of investors, not just for the wonderful whiskies, but to learn about making money from buying and selling wee drams!

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12th September 2019

New Global Brand Ambassador Chris Robshaw

Whisky Cask Company today announces ex-England Rugby Captain, Chris Robshaw as new Global Brand Ambassador, and the embodiment of what it means to put Integrity First, The Whisky Cask Company’s new campaign designed to inspire innovation, dedication and a pursuit of excellence.

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12th September 2019

Sell-Out Success of First Cask Filling

There’s only 2 left to purchase from their second batch

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5th September 2019

The National Whisky Festival of Scotland is set to commence for the first time in Aberdeen this month!

Aberdeen is playing host to this unique Scottish cultural and whisky tasting event! The National whisky festival takes place at the breath-taking reinvigorated Aberdeen Music Hall on September 14th.

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6th August 2019

Whisky Cask Company Serves You a Guide to Whisky, Straight

There are a huge variety of whiskies on the market, and it can be difficult to know where to begin with different whisky products. Single malt, blended, Scotch, American and Irish whiskies all appear on our shelves.

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22nd July 2019

Whisky Cask Company Brings in Leading Whisky Experts

Whisky experts David Harvey and Stuart Nickerson have teamed up with Whisky Cask Company to bring single malt to the global market.

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19th July 2019

Whisky Cask Company Launches to Fill Gap in the Market for Premium Quality Scotch

As demand for premium single malt Scotch whisky continues to grow, one new company looks set to become a leading contender in the industry, by combining both tradition and innovation.

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7th July 2019

Whisky Cask Company Plans Autumn Roadshows in the Far East

Demand for single-malt Scotch whisky is rapidly increasing in Far East Asia, and Ross Archer Head of Operations at The Whisky Cask ...

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5th July 2019

Whisky Cask Company Pours Insights Into Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky making is a craft with two things at its heart – taste and quality. Scotch whisky’s unrivalled quality owes itself to the fact that the art of whisky production developed in Scotland hundreds of years ago.

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26th June 2019

Whisky Cask Company Sees Spirited Growth in the Scotch Whisky Industry

The Export value rose to almost £2 billion in the first half of 2018 and continued to climb. The largest export destination by value was the United States, followed by France and Singapore.

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21st June 2019

More people than ever are visiting Scotland to sample the best Scotch whisky

Love for Scotch whisky is growing worldwide, with people as far away as China now choosing the spirit as their tipple of choice.

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17th June 2019

The rules that govern Scotch whisky are changing – for the better!

The rules that dictate how distilleries can use casks to craft Scotch whisky are changing.

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12th June 2019

Single Malts to Drive Whisky Sales in UK

British drinkers’ interest in single malt Scotch and American whiskey is expected to drive whisky sales to £2.44 billion in the next three years

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11th June 2019

On the Trail of Scotch Whisky

Distilleries have opened their doors and arms to welcome tourists who want to meander peacefully around the Scottish Highlands and sample the delights of Scotch whisky in what has become fondly known as the Scottish whisky trail.

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13th May 2019

Sotheby’s Sells Dalmore Whisky for Record Value

Dalmore Scotch whisky, Dalmore ‘L’Anima’, has been sold at Sotherby's for £108,900

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22nd January 2019

Whisky Barrels — A Promising Alternative Investment

How much would you pay for a cask of rare Scotch whisky? For some, it seems, there is no limit when it comes to the liquid gold. Earlier this month, an anonymous buyer in Hong Kong paid an incredible, auction-record £285,000 for a sherry cask filled with a 30-year-old Macallan single malt.

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